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Creativity is in all of us. We can share it, and even make a penny doing so

Welcome to Ideaplaze. This is my recreational and creative writing space. I will be sharing my blogging experience and writing ideas here, hopefully they will motivate or inspire you.

I think every one can write their own original story, don't believe anyone suggesting that new ideas don't exist. A lazy writer will find every excuse to copy from someone else work. Just to be clear, there is nothing wrong with imitation, after all it is funniest form of flattery. Continue reading

We are inspired by people around us, the things we see, and you can also pick up one or two useful ideas from the blog page

A Short Fiction Story

If there is one lesson you must grasp, it is to learn from people who have the experience you are after. In this post, The Smoke Writer I shared the inspiration behind my my first e-book. The post provides a little insight into the book, but also explains why you can write your own.



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