Capitalization as a Creative Writing Literary Device

Using capitalization to improve a creative writing.

Capitalization of words in the middle of a sentence is a form of literary device. One reason fiction writers sometimes circumvents conventional writing standard, is to evoke certain emotion or reaction from a reader. So by breaching the strict rules of capitalization, a writer can also create a desired impression in a reader.

Words are capitalized in a middle of a sentence to create a screaming effect, although exclamation marks are generally used for that purpose. Capitalization does it more dramatically. In fact it is my favorite way of screaming in writing. Sometimes I would post an all caps comments just for the fun of it. Not to offend other observers. What is even more interesting is how it divert the topic of discussion, to a lesson on writing manners.

I wanted to find out if any mainstream writer used capitalization as a writing tool. I expected to find a lot writers, surprisingly there weren’t many of them. The only article that I found useful was a short one from Anne Stameshkin, Fiction Writers Review. She mentioned only a handful of writers who uses capitalization as writing tool, including herself.

I want to continue to study this because, certain writing rules can easily turn to madness. I understand it is a writer’s responsibility not to digress far away from basic writing rules. A creative mind could be questioned if it inadvertently post a poor write up, in the name of imagination. Rules of capitalization is well explained in this online Grammar Book.  No doubt, a tool will functions well in the hand of a user with good knowledge of its usage. If you would like to scream in your writing using a capital letter, your disposition would be stronger if you understood the rules of capitalization.

Author: Enplaze

I am an entrepreneur, a freelance writer and an assistant language instructor. Living is beautiful, the challenges it throws at us makes it even more enjoyable.