Google AdSense is Depreciated: Easy way to add Google ads without a Plugin

Alternative Google AdSense for Wordpress

Google AdSense is depreciated: But you can still easily add Google ads manually, by creating ad codes and placing them on your website.

The official plugin for Google AdSense is no longer available in the WordPress program. Google decided that they could better support WP publishers “through new innovative features like their automatic ad formats and other upcoming initiatives”. I am eagerly waiting for these upcoming initiatives, automated ads alone is not enough.

This development does not affect Google ads, it just changes how you place ads on your website. For example, if you’re currently using the AdSense Plugin for WordPress in your WordPress site, then you’re affected by this change. After the plugin has been deprecated, you will no longer be able to edit your ad settings or ad units directly through the AdSense Plugin.

I am not an expert on Google AdSense or any other plugin for that matter, but I still need to be able to edit and create a new ad. The simpler the better. Hopefully this post will serve as a good memo for me, and if possible help you to create and manage your own Google ads with ease.

Create and add a new Google ad.

Here are the simple steps you can take to create and add a new ad unit in your website.

  1. Go to
  2. Visit the My ads page.
  3. Create a new ad unit.
  4. Paste the ad code directly into text widgets in WordPress.
  5. Open a text widget in your WordPress (Make sure your text widget can read HTML code)
  6. Paste your ad code in this widget and update your editing.

Further elaboration is provided below in case the above steps are not enough.

  1. Go to Log in to open your AdSense home page.
  2.  In the home page click “My ads” to open your ad page from the left side bar. Ad page opens so that you can see your existing ads and also create new ones.create Google ad without a plugin
  3. Create a new ad unit by clicking the “New ad unit” buttonWordPress Google ad without a Plugin
  4. Select the size you want for your ad.
  5. Select your preferred type of ad. There are three options here;
  • Text and Display: This type of ad allows Google to decide what ad to show between a text and an image.
  • Text: This type of ad will only display only text ad on your website.
  • Display: This type only displays image ads when enabled.

Click Save to finish. You will get a message saying that your ad creation was successful, the message will also contain your code. WordPress Google ads without a plugin

Copy the ad code and paste it in the appropriate area in your website.

Where to Place Your Ad

Google ad codes are HTML responsive and the text section of your editor is the main HTML source in WordPress. Apart from this native HTML source, you can also download a text/HTML plugin to place your codes, especially if you want to place an ad outside the main post area.

Most WP themes has an inbuilt sidebar a text widget. Note that ads placed on the sidebar will be visible on all your web pages.

Tesla Solar Roof: Awesome, but Still Beyond the Reach of an Average Household

Tesla’s Solar Roof is a futuristic invention, with the potential to supply a pure and stable electricity at home- for those who can afford it.


I am always on the lookout for innovations in renewable energies. In general, we all want to pay less fare for a steady supply of electricity. So when I heard about the new Tesla Solar Roof, I decided to check it out myself. Beautiful would be a proper one-word description of the solar tiles. And that’s just in appearance. The tiles also generate and reserve energy for later use. According to the description on their website, the Solar Roof is cool enough to complement your home’s design, while turning sunlight into electricity.

If the new tech’s appearance is not enough to get your head spinning, then how about the durability. We are not talking about the usual offer of a one, or five-year warranty. With Solar Roof, it is till eternity do you apart; you get a lifetime warranty. Because the glass solar tiles are so durable, natural weather elements are unlikely to cause any damage to it.

Solar Roof begins a new phase in the quest for steady and clean electricity for houses. Right now we are talking about a solar roof for power generation. Imagine how much power generating we will be talking with the addition of a solar wall and solar appliances.

As much as you would like to have a piece of Tesla Solar Roof, it will take a while before it is obtainable by an average consumer. More so if you live outside the US. International buyers who can afford it would have to wait until next year to get an installation. Right now the cost of the tiles is considered expensive, even though analyst suggest that it will eventually save more money in the long run.

Regardless of your calculation, Solar Roof is still an expensive investment. Imagine an upfront payment of about $50,000 in the US alone, not to mention the fact that it will cost more for buyers from outside the US. On average most countries charge 11 percent tariff on solar panels, assuming the Solar Roof falls under that category.  Tesla’s Solar Roof production facilities are all located in the US for now. And that means an international buyer will need to factor in the cost of shipment. Then add the cost of installation, a premium of a sort. Given that Tesla’s owned Solar City is the only company licensed to install Solar Roof.

Undoubtedly, solar roofs and similar technologies are the future of electricity. For the meantime, however, most of us will continue to rely on affordable solar panels and solar panel kits from eBay.

How to Copy From Microsoft Word to Paste to WordPress Editor

Paste in WordPress

Paste WordPress: How to paste to WordPress editor without losing your text organization.

If you are publishing online with WordPress, sometimes you might want to copy and paste from Microsoft word to the WordPress visual editor.

Even though it is very simple, it still took me a while to figure out how to paste to WordPress from Microsoft, without disorganizing my text. I love plug-ins – they are great. But I don’t want to use them for every little thing.

If you paste directly into the visual editor, your text will be messed up by WordPress inbuilt codes.


The solution is to paste into the text editor instead of the visual editor. After that you can go back to the visual editor and continue with your editing. That is the only way to keep the orientation of your text in order.

The diagram below gives a visual illustration of what I mean.

Pasting to WordPress from Microsoft Word
Pasting to WordPress from Microsoft Word


Writer’s Block: What it Means, and Solutions for Getting Over it.

Writer's block

Writer’s block and  Procrastination: Two different problems that every writer must deal with regularly.

Writer’s block is an issue that often come up in discussions among writers. Not that the problem is as threatening as its name suggests. But it is the variety of solution proffered by individuals that makes it a worthy topic.

I am mindful that procrastination and writer’s block are sometimes construed as the same problem. However that is not the case. In my understanding, the two have some differences. Simply put, procrastination is delaying a project completion beyond its due date, for no good reason. I purposely avoided using “postponement”, because postponement does not have the same negative connotations that goes with procrastination. continue reading

Creative Writing: Favorite Online Inspiring Writing Prompts

Creative writing prompts, secret writing tools

The Craft of Writing: Two blogs with most of the prompts you need to light up your creativity

Writing is a tough hobby, and there are times of complete blackout when a writer can’t think of any topic. His spirit could be willing, but for some reason his mind can’t get the right vibe. Fortunately, a writer facing such predicament can summon some prompts, and with its inspiration break the siege beclouding his creativity. Call them magic wands, and you had be right. I want to recommend two solid blogs for writing prompts, and how they can power your writing Craft.

Continue reading

Capitalization as a Creative Writing Literary Device

Using capitalization to improve a creative writing.

Capitalization of words in the middle of a sentence is a form of literary device. One reason fiction writers sometimes circumvents conventional writing standard, is to evoke certain emotion or reaction from a reader. So by breaching the strict rules of capitalization, a writer can also create a desired impression in a reader. continue reading

Write Your own Original Story

Original Story

How you can write your own original story with your own fresh ideas.

Anyone can write an original story. It is often said that we all the same story, but there is always something peculiar to us, and that is the thing makes our story original. There is a little merit to the notion that new ideas don’t exist. Actually that is a characteristics of a lazy writer, and a rather flimsy excuse for copying another person’s work. Just to be clear, there is nothing wrong with imitation, after all it is funniest form of flattery. continue reading

Practices that helps with my writing

Three writing Practices that I think are important for my writing progress.


Caution, words-wise

Relax and Calm

I started working on The Smoke Writer  in November, 2016. By the end of December same year, the final editing was completed. I did not planned or think about it much, but when the inspiration came, I knew what I was going to write. Once I started writing, the flow never stopped. Seemingly, I had developed the idea overnight, but that was not the case. Supposedly, we ought to search outside the box for knowledge. Yet, most writers refers to a box within. The mind is like an incubator, collecting and conceiving ideas from all our experiences. It is within our creative scope to then, to modify those ideas and create an enticing stories out of them.

Another helpful practice for me was, writing free of pressure. There was no deadline either. Creating fiction is my hobby, and writing The Smoke Writer, was no exception. Although it turned out to be a nice write up, that is according to the reviews it got. Besides, writing in an atmosphere devoid of stress helps to keep the mind sharp. Seriously, if you are digging couple of years back for inspiration, you need a sharp mind.

Another thing was the choice of words. Thanks to my editors, I had to do away with so many vocabularies. Fortunately, I already visualized the story. So replacing unfitting words was no big deal. Besides, with numerous online sources, it is now easier to learn, and correct not just grammatical errors, but also writing hints, and words that are suitable for any given scenario.

There is no better time to enjoy writing, so enjoy yourself if that what you do. My advice is to figure out what inspires you. Also to cultivate positive energy, bearing in mind your choice of words.

I hope you find these advice useful. If you are kind enough to drop us a comment that will be great. Also, check out my book on Amazon. It will be free for some time, and let me know what you think about it.





The Inevitable dilemma of relationships

The dilemma of listening to people’s complaint is that; you are either obliged to assist or in the least share their predicament (somehow).

An acquaintance told me he doesn’t visit bars anymore. Why? A drinking-mate formed the habit of complaining to him about his wife. At first, he wasn’t sure if it was the influence of shots flying back and forth? A chemical reaction of sound and liquid can sure cause some hallucination. Such reaction could be behind the bitter man’s lamentation.

He decided to avoid the bar. A library he concluded; would give him the serenity he sought. He was mistaken. A woman found the map to his study table. Perhaps it was his social disposition that attracted people to him. Nevertheless, the woman wanted to talk. He had assumed that far end of the library was the deep end of quietness, apparently for this woman; it was a less strict corner where hush gossip was possible.

Okay, “let’s talk”, he said. “You were saying something”? He asked, hoping for a brief “forget about it” reply. Again he was mistaken. She went into this tirade about her husband; she had helped him become what he is, she picked him from the devil’s jaw, and personally flew him to heaven. She was his: mother, sister, brother, and uncle. Including grandmother.

Okay, “I now know why I am not a renowned writer”, he thought aloud; “I have been wasting my time with the wrong hobby”, insisted my bewildered acquaintance. His true calling was to be a Councillor or rather a listener! A spouse complaint listener – to be precise. There was urgent need to create that title if it was inexistent?

Momentarily he was carried away, he fantasized about his new establishment. Nothing is more exciting than the prospect of great career change – but then it hit him; “my wife!” What was she saying about him? What are her accusations? What was he being persecuted for? If everybody else complained about their partner, why would he be an exception? He was asking me how to approach his wife. He wanted it from the horse’s mouth.

My humble opinion was; talk to your wife if you really want to, but sometimes, sincere conversations are better left alone.


Another form of Eerie

Halloween increases in popularity every year. This year, one million more people are expected to celebrate it. As the tradition increases in popularity, so does the languages associated with it. Horror-filled words like, Eerie, haunted, bludgeon, gushed and even mansion (usually desirable), all turns frightening.

As the month of October ends with its abnormal festivities, a different kind of horrors begins; the countdown to the New Year.

The assertion that any event that heralds a new year, not to mention the Christmas before that, should be viewed with scepticism; is ridiculous outright. On the other, if such suggestion is considered on specific situational basis; it starts to add up. For example; what if you have started the year with a certain ambitious resolution? What if you made huge commitment to a partner, or your business? What if your career was in line?

A friend called me three nights ago. At first I thought he was intoxicated. What are the weekends for right? Awkwardly though, brother was sober. Just that sometimes anxiousness can present a sane person as “deranged”. All these months, he has procrastinated executing important tasks. Certainly human mind can be tricky. In complacency, his mind got beclouded by the notion that the sun does set – only as an assurance for tomorrow. He assumed that the uninterrupted cycle of the sun and moon have gotten time frozen in place.

His rude awakening came on the last day of October. As he drank his last in celebration of Halloween (which he knows nothing about anyway), he remembered something; he had bought a franchise, which its permanent extension depended on an agreed number of sales. If! Only he had done a bit of marketing as planned. If only he had created that website, consulted that dealer, designed those packages, his goal could have been achieved with ease. Unfortunately he relied on “tomorrow”.

In this agitated state of his, I was incapable of making any suggestion. Not to add salt to an injury, his articulation needed some straightening before anyone can help. To be clear, yoga is not my specialty. I know however, that taking a deep breath helps with the nerves and blood circulation. It was after some rounds of deep breathing and stretching, that we began to brain storm. The solution was that he will have to put Christmas in focus. Demands are generally high at this time. His target is still attainable, of course not without an efficient strategy and hard work.

Now that everything is calm and on track, I reminiscence and wonder about the Irony; that the tomorrow a man waited for so long, finally was on the horizon; but rather than bring him harvest – it filled him with eerie nightmare.