How to Shop On eBay Safely to Avoid rip Offs

How to Shop Online Safely

How to shop safely on eBay: Three things to watch out for when shopping on eBay, the location of the store, the store’s customers’ feedback, and store inventory.

A few years ago, my sister wanted me to buy some dresses for her from an online shop. The pictures of the dresses she saw were amazing, and the prices were tantalizing. We ordered for the cloths making sure to confirm severally the tag numbers and everything. Her excitement on the arrival of the package varnished almost immediately. The boxes containing the cloths were dirty, and the supposed elegant dresses were mere rags. Some of the apparels were literally pieces of a fabrics, and made no sense whatsoever.

We learned in a painful way that all that glitters is not gold, and more so in the online market.

How do you shop on eBay, and generally online and avoid being ripped off as a consumer? There is no simple answer to this conundrum. However there are few ways to minimize the risk. One of them is to shop from a store in close proximity from you. It could be same country, or state, and even city. Certainly the closer the better. Online store operators are likely to ship sub-standard product to a buyer far from their location, but they are also more cautious in dealing with a buyer in a close proximity. The logic is simple; a face to face confrontation (over trade dispute) is more menacing than a finger pointing from behind the computer.

If you shop on eBay, it is easy to configure a store location. Just go to the eBay Search: Advanced Search. Using the advance search helps to minimize unwanted results. After putting in your keyword or item number, then you can scroll down and select a location. The snapshot below illustrates what I’m talking about.

eBay advance search

Store rating and customers’ feedback

Before making a purchase online, make sure to check the store rating, and also read the customers’ feedback. Ratings and customers’ feedback are the report card of online stores. Remember it is not our (buyers) task to judge the fairness of an online store’s rating. I think every store bears the responsibility to offer their clients services that attract the best evaluation. Honestly why patronize a store that is unwilling to go a few extra miles to improve feedback and ratings?

If I want to buy a mobile phone or a computer online, I will look for a store with a profile like Renew IT. The store has a great number of followers, and they are in the business of selling stuff, which is good. And finally you have many comments and feedback to back your decision.

Top Rated Online Computers and Mobile Phones Shop

How to Shop Online Safely

Meanwhile if I was looking for batteries or solar sheet, I wouldn’t mind patronize 99.7% rated Blithechen, and 100% rated Viktor.7800.

The last factor I want to discuss is inventory. It is okay to buy a t-shirt from a store that has only one t-shirt in it’s inventory. Especially if you don’t intend to buy anymore t-shirts for a long time. But if you are in a business of retailing, you probably want to create a long-term relationship with a particular store. I can list a hundred reasons why a long-term relationship is good for business. But establishing a good channel for communication, and flow of goods will be on top of that list. Unless I am buying a one-time item, I will always check a store’s inventory to see if they have more of what I’m looking for.

In the art of online shopping, you can never get it a hundred percent right. However, worst still is not trying to get it right at all. Have you had any experience with online shopping you had like to share? Please write and share your story. By so doing, you could save someone some tear drops, and a box of worthless fabrics.


Writing a Good Story is one Thing, Getting People to Read it is Another.

How to get people to read your story

Writing a good story is one thing, getting people to read it is another. How do I get people to read a good story?

I recently met another indie writer who you can call Gucci, you see in this community we don’t name names. Gucci’s lamentation came straight from the Book of lamentations. He said he had written a beautiful story, but no one wants to read it. It took him about a year to perfect the story. And finally he got it published, but no one would read it. For over six months the book has been out there, and only one person have read it. And that one person is him. continue reading

Are We Becoming Some Dope Heads With All These Smart Phones And Tablets.

Smartphont and other digital addiction

Digital Addiction: The scientific fact that our smart phones and electronics is leaving us not much better than crack heads


Does it make any sense that; advancement in mobile devices, and the increase in digital accidents appear to be in tandem? In the US alone, cell phones are credited for over a million accidents. In 2015, up to 100,000 accidents and arrests made in Japan, a connection with smartphones, according to Toyota Newsroom.

Call it Frankenstein, and you could be right, smartphones are not just accelerating mortality rate, it is also bent on taking over our senses. Over the years the debate went on about the effect of smartphone on our intelligence. Critics suggests that by simplifying most of our tasks, the smartphones does make us lazier. Smartphones can not only type our text messages, it can also supply us with word choice (mind reading), and even forces corrections on us when we type the “wrong” word. Does this takeover of our brain functions leave us more stupid? continue reading

How to Create a Sub-domain: Simplified

Creating a sub-domain from the cPanel is easy, follow these simple steps

If you are a programming novice, and for some reason you found yourself meddling with a website setup, you would prefer your instructions to be as simplified as possible. Last week I tried creating a sub-domain, at first it was a little confusing. I could have figured it out myself, but it is convenient to contact my host company, and their feedback is usually prompt.

This instruction is for the cPanel control interface.

  1. Log in to your cPanel client area.
  2. On the left, there is an option menu. Below the home button, click product, and then form the product section click my product.
  3. Click the view details. Your product details will open, below the billing information, there is a manage account section.
Manage Account

4. In the manage account section click the sub-domain option. It will open a create sub-domain box

5. In the form, type your sub-domain name and click create below the form. You should have your sub-domain


The changing history of China-Japan War

Chinese history books will be getting a makeover; an extension of the 2nd China -Japan war history.

Apparently, it’s possible for a country to abruptly edit a mutual history it shares with another country. I read this article about how the Chinese government was going to embark on a time bending trip. They will be adding six more years to the time-frame of the Second China-Japan War.

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How not to talk to the in-laws

In some places, speaking to a parent in-law is a taboo

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Somewhere in Ethiopia, women are not allowed to use a syllable if it matches with the name of the father or mother-in-law. continue reading

Reliable Web Hosting: Why I Recommend Fastcomet Hosting.

Fastcomet hosting

Need a reliable web hosting? Four reasons why I recommend Fastcomet hosting: Customer friendly, Low cost, Many app/plug-ins, no web development experience? Go for Fastcomet

This article is a genuine user review, and the purpose is to save subscribers time that would otherwise be spent, on finding a reliable website hosting service. It took me about a month of browsing, reading other users’ reviews, and chatting up hosting sites, before finally settling with Fastcomet hosting. Why go through all that you ask? Well, most website hosting services offer a minimum of one year plan. That means you could be stuck with a lousy provider for at least a year. So it’s worth investing time to find something close to satisfactory.

With hundreds of alleged reliable host companies prowling the internet, identifying a good host is like finding a needle in a haystack. Yet that is a little inconvenience for anyone looking for a long-term hosting company. I highly recommend you do your own thorough research. However, if your concerns are in the areas customer service, cost, apps/plugins and little programing experience? Then I recommend Fastcomet Hosting. They are reliable in the long-term.

Two months in, and the customer support have not disappointed, and this is perhaps the number one reason I am writing this user review. Fastcomet Hosting services, has been so good that sometimes I worry if there is another motive. You know? The proverbial too good to be true. Every issue I have raised was quickly resolved professionally. You can see from the snapshot of my tickets (Tickets are basically a request for help). Sometimes, providers play nice in the beginning, only to snap after the “money back guarantee” period is over. I will do another update of this review to let you know if anything changed.



The cost of my plan with Fastcomet hosting is in equilibrium with my project, and my budget. I can afford 2.95 a month/ 3 years plan. There are other options, with different costs too. In addition to the reasonable cost, they are continually doing promotions, and providing discounts. So it’s possible get a better deal than I did. My only concern is the possibility of a price hike. It is a common practice with hosting companies, to hike price when demand boom.

Fastcomet uses the cPanel interface, and it comes with a preinstalled Softaculous, (home to major apps you need to build a website.) From the client control center, you can access more apps and plugins. Even if you need help installing anything, you can call on their technical team. I always try to do stuff myself first, but when I couldn’t get WordPress to work, the technical team came in, and took care of the whole thing within an hour. The snapshot below is just a glimpse, you can see more on Softaculous page.


You need little or no experience in programing to host with Fastcomet, Weebly was my second choice for this reason. With little or no experience you can create a website with Fastcomet too. Once you have gotten your platform set, you can basically design your theme, post your content and do your work the way you want. Even more comforting is the easy access to technical support. As a customer to Fastcomet hosting, I can focus more on creating content for my blog, rather than worry endlessly about the fixing my website.

At the end of the day, you still have to decide for yourself. I am a creative writer, so I wrote this review partly as a way of expressing gratitude for the decent service rendered so far by the Fastcomet team. If you need my personal opinion, or an update on my experience, don’t hesitate to chat me up. But for any other information about the product, please visit the company’s website and chat with them.

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