How not to talk to the in-laws

In some places, speaking to a parent in-law is a taboo

Most people will think it is ridiculous, that a culture to prohibits communication within a family. But these are real practices in some parts of the world. An article from NY Times, covered the difficult relationship between couples and in-laws, in some parts of the world. I found it interesting, and decided to summarize it in one paragraph.

Somewhere in Ethiopia, women are not allowed to use a syllable if it matches with the name of the father or mother-in-law. For example, If the in-laws are Tomoki, then the woman will forget about saying tomatoes. But that’s no problem, because some basic words come in peers. Another solution is using definition of tomato instead. Instead of saying tomato, the woman might say, “a red round vegetable with a million seeds”. Somewhere in South Africa, women are barred from saying the name of the in-laws, or saying anything that sounds like their name. If the in-law’s name is money, well, she will need to find another way of saying “good morning”. Luckily, its okay to borrow words from neighboring communities. In some parts of India, first letters are the problem. If the in-law’s name is “Obyah”, then forget about words that starts with “O”. In some parts of Australia, silence is literally golden. Both man and wife cannot talk directly to their in-laws. In other words you will have to find an intermediary. Man orĀ  spirit it doesn’t matter, just find a way and send the message.

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