Donald Trump and Adama Barrow. Two Tales of Inauguration

President Obama welcomes Trump to the whitehouse

Donald Trump and Adama Barrow. Two tales from two inaugurations

In the United States of America, an inaugural ceremony is underway. After that, Donald J. Trump will take the helms of world affairs. About 900,000 people will witness the swearing in ceremony, that is according to USA Today.

While the US is gearing up to showcase it’s democracy, in Gambia, Adama Barrow, the president-elect is fighting to be sworn instead. Inauguration he will get for certain. But it will happen outside the borders of the country he is swearing to protect. Standing in his way to the presidency is no other than Yahya Jammeh; a president who once cured HIV with banana.

Unfortunately for Yahya, the force is no longer with him. Increasingly, he is becoming an isolated tree whose roots are starting to detach from it. And the more it tries to stand, the harder it will fall. Senegal troops ‘on alert’ if Jammeh stays on

Graciously he had accepted defeat at first, but on the hint of possible prosecution, he decided he was safer in the presidential palace than in his farm. During his concession call, he said he was going back to his village to work the land. Obviously an unprecedented declaration, from a man who in the past 22 years farmed politics and enigma, the idea that he would go back to planting groundnuts was more of a joke on Adama.

However, the dilemma for Gambians and anyone who cares, is, will some faction of the Gambian military support him? If they do, Africa will add another civil war to an already saturated list. But if the superior force from Senegal demoralize the would-be defenders, then only Yahya will face his predicament. Yahya is not a Nazarene, but if the pharisees understood to let one man pay the price for his tribe, then motherland must try to have Yahya pay for Gambia.

For those on the precipice, it’s few more years that will determine a complete subjugation, or miraculous emancipation. Yet this week, two presidents elected on a democratic process will be inaugurated, one in his homeland, the other in a foreign land.

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