How to add Google Adsense to a Subdomain

Google Adsense can be added to a sub-domain

This is a simple way of adding a Google Adsense to your sub-domain. In part this short article is my memo, but I don’t mind sharing it. Adding Google Adsense to a sub-domain is easy, follow the simple steps below;

  1. First download and install the Google Adsense plugin. the link is here Google Adsense plugin
  2. From the plugin, log in to the Adsense account you want to add
  3. After logging in, Adsense will automatically verify and set up your sub-domain
  4. Congratulation, you can now manage your ad

Add a sub-domain directly to your Google Adsense account

Alternative, you can add your sub-domain directly to your Adsense account. Remember I am not a tech guy, just trying to keep things simple out here. I found this video useful

  1. Log in directly to your Adsense account.
  2. In the ad unit (side menu), click New ad unit. A new ad page will open, edit your ad’s appearance.
  3. Click save and get code.
  4. Go back to your dashboard, go to customize appearance.
  5. click ad widget, add a text box widget.
  6. In the text box paste your ad code, and publish your website.
  7. You should be fine

For more information, here is one of my sources WP beginner . Below is also a two minutes video with the same instructions.


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