The changing history of China-Japan War

Chinese history books will be getting a makeover; an extension of the 2nd China -Japan war history.

Apparently, it’s possible for a country to abruptly edit a mutual history it shares with another country. I read this article about how the Chinese government was going to embark on a time bending trip. They will be adding six more years to the time-frame of the Second China-Japan War.

According to the original article, Until now, it was generally accepted, including by Beijing, that the Second Sino War started in 1937, and ended in 1945. An incident in Marco Polo Bridge, was blamed for the war. However Chinese historians have now realized that they omitted some years, and that the war actually started in 1931. Some analyst suggests that the move, is a sign of desperation, from a country in serious need of some enemies.  The Chinese Ministry of Education on the other hand, deemed the extension, an essential part of promoting patriotic education. More so, it is important for folks to comprehend the Chinese Communist role, in resisting the Japanese Imperial Army. Disregarding the fact, that the Nationalist Army, was in the forefront of fight against the Japanese.

The above paragraph is just a summary, you can read the entire article here.

Once this policy is implemented, what will become of all the other text books, history books, museums from around the world, which has dated the Second China-Japan War from 1937-1945? Perhaps, historians and teachers, will have to rely more on existing images, to truly decipher what is factual, and what is not. A great read on this topic is China and Japan at War 1937 – 1945 (Images of War). Image, they say speak louder than words. By using images from both sides of the aisle, the author, Philip Jowett, transports his readers back to a time of conflict, a conflict that hasn’t really ended. Alternatively, you can read, The Imjin War: Japan’s Sixteenth-Century Invasion of Korea . This book will take you further back in time, even before China came into play.


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