Why Fake Happiness When you can Easily Improve Your Mood?

Create Happiness Feeling

How is it that some days we have unlimited drive for productivity and other days our visions and direction are hindered by uncertain gloom?

Obviously how you feel, or rather how you think you feel matters, because emotions, especially happiness, can boost productivity. No wonder happiness is the most sought after treasure for all human, Aristotle and other philosophers considered happiness as the most important goal in life, several surveys of different people from around the world also puts happiness above other desires including wealth, health and relationship.

There is no doubt that we work better when possessed by the right mix of emotion. Given the necessity of joy, can we fake it just to continue to be productive?

Well, according to Psychologist and neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett; Emotion are not hard wired in our brain, neither are they built-in reflexes that we cannot control. On the contrary, our brains constructs the reality it perceives, and from that perceptions seems to create the emotions we experience. The implication is that if we can manage our perception, then we should be able to manage our emotions too.

This is an excerpt from the book “How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain”.

“The human brain is a master of deception. It creates experiences and directs actions with a magician’s skill, never revealing how it does so, all the while giving us a false sense of confidence…Joy, sadness, surprise, fear, and other emotions seem so distinct and feel so built-in that we assume they have separate causes inside us. So it’s easy to come up with a wrong theory of the mind.”

If emotions affects productivity, and we can control emotions, how then can we be more productive by inducing ourselves with a sense of happiness? The antidote works differently for everyone, what makes an American happy might not necessarily make a Chinese happy, nevertheless, there are some happiness inducing actions that are universally applicable in almost all situation.

Happiness Tips

Engage in D.I.Y: “Do It Yourself” is a great way to boost morale, find something you can easily do; write something, draw, make a table or even a paper plane. Completing a task can reward one with a good dose of satisfaction, and that means more happiness.

Smiling: you can combat most grumpy situations with a smile, they can tranquilize disappointment as well as motivate and improve your mood.

Relaxation: The greatest calmer of all times is relaxation, be it in form of Yoga or any other kinds of meditation, even good old chilling. Relaxation does great tempering of restlessness, anxiety and unhappiness.

Read: A brief reading can also help swing your mood from negative to positive, when reading you are transported into a different world, at the end you are uplifted from the stories you experienced.

Be positive: Simply being positive is a good way to increase happiness. You might just focus on the little good things happening around you and still derive some joy therein.

Exercise: Exercising is great tool, not only does it improve happiness, it can also improve our mental condition.

Author: Enplaze

I am an entrepreneur, a freelance writer and an assistant language instructor. Living is beautiful, the challenges it throws at us makes it even more enjoyable.