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The Craft of Writing: Two blogs with most of the prompts you need to light up your creativity

Writing is a tough hobby, and there are times of complete blackout when a writer can’t think of any topic. His spirit could be willing, but for some reason his mind can’t get the right vibe. Fortunately, a writer facing such predicament can summon some prompts, and with its inspiration break the siege beclouding his creativity. Call them magic wands, and you had be right. I want to recommend two solid blogs for writing prompts, and how they can power your writing Craft.

Single words like forever, action, believe and rise are probably the best prompts for a creative writer. WordPress Daily Post offers some of the best single-word prompts on the internet. Opinions should vary on this assertion, but I had preferred a prompt that stops short of being a full topic suggestion. Perhaps my slanted view on prompt style is due to an obsession with originality, the very flaw that inspired one of my recent post, original story. WordPress prompts you with a single word, and let’s run with it.

Good online writing promptsCertainly there are writers who prefer to be challenged, and instead of a single worded prompt, they are inspired by a full topic prompt. A cool place to go would be Journaling Sage. Journaling Sage gives you a whole topic, and they have tons of it. With a list of topics covering every day of the month, any visitor is guaranteed a takeaway. Imagine what you can do with today’s prompt, “What small action could you take today to feel more peaceful?”

For two reasons I recommended WordPress and Journaling. Both have prompts that are inspiring, and both offer different words or topic for every day. That means you have 24 hours until a word, or topic loses its climax. Of course any one can continue writing on the same topic well over the deadline. However I like the adrenaline rush of deadlines.

I called prompt the magic wand of writing because, it could trigger all sorts of imagination in a writer. “Aware” is today’s prompt in WordPress, and after writing this article, I am heading straight to see what folks are constructing with that word.

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