D.I.Y., reading, exercise, happiness and boosting productivity.

Create Happiness Feeling

Generate happiness through relaxation, D.I.Y., smiling, reading and exercise, and enjoy improvement in productivity.

How is it that some days we have unlimited drive for productivity and other days our visions and direction are hindered by uncertain gloom?

Most times we take it for granted, but consider that happiness was, and still is the most sought after treasure in all human history. Aristotle and other philosophers considered happiness the most important goal in life, surveys of different people from around the world also puts happiness above other desires including wealth, health and relationship.

It’s no surprise that considering the relationship between happiness and productivity, the idea of faking happiness as an antidote to depression has gained significant followings.

According to Psychologist and neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett; Emotion are not hard wired in our brain, neither are they built-in reflexes that we cannot control. On the contrary, our brains constructs the reality it perceives, and from that perceptions seems to create the emotions we experience. The implication is that if we can manage our perception, then we should be able to manage our emotions too.

If emotions affects productivity, and we can control emotions, how then can we be more productive by inducing ourselves with a sense of happiness?

Happiness Tips

Engage in D.I.Y: “Do It Yourself” is a great way to boost morale, find something you can easily do; write something, draw, make a table or even a paper plane. Completing a task brings instant gratification.

Smiling: you can combat most grumpy situations with a smile, they can tranquilize disappointment as well as motivate and improve your mood.

Relaxation: The greatest calmer of all times is relaxation, be it in form of Yoga or any other kinds of meditation. Relaxation does great tempering of restlessness, anxiety and unhappiness.

Read: A brief reading can also help swing your mood from negative to positive which in turn makes you happy. When reading you are temporary transported into a different dimension, and the stories you live during this time can help uplift you.

Be positive: Simply being positive is a good way to increase happiness. If global depression is weighing down on you, divert and just focus on the little “good” things happening around you.

Exercise: Exercising is a great tool for boosting happiness, it doesn’t just improve your mood, it can also improve our mental condition.

Author: Enplaze

I am an entrepreneur, a freelance writer and an assistant language instructor. Living is beautiful, the challenges it throws at us makes it even more enjoyable.