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E-book – The Smoke Writer: The inspiration behind the book

The inspiration behind The Smoke Writer is simply my desire to carve words, just like sculptors carve figures. The content of the story is derived from my experience, and tales that I have been told as a child. In addition to that is my believe that there are certain things that science have not explain, not that I expected it to.

I was also inspired by the the two antithetical believes that shaped my perception of life;Christianity and Nature.

Were we not happy growing up as Christians? Of course we danced to the praises, and volunteered to read the sermon. Yet part of our heart held tightly to the ways of the land. The fear of Purgatory, and need for identity, created a delicate blend of tradition and faith. As an adult, I have come to the realization that such a colorful chaos have a way of expressing itself in words.

No matter what your occupation is, it can inspire you. As long as your perception of it is not shaped by its difficulty. Writing has been my hobby since I was a child. Letters to uncles, and emails to friends was the predominant way of expressing and practicing the act then.Then thesis and essay became the preoccupation in college. From college onward writing has been an evolution play.

In the year 2008 when I opened my first blog with, it was my intention to continue with that tradition. However, nothing was posted in that blog until last year – nine years after its creation. Rediscovering that I had opened a blog 9 years ago was a coincidence. But a happy coincidence which left me rambling for a while. You don’t have to digress, but my reaction at that moment is documented here, That passion will always be waiting

If you are a writer, you can’t rely on inspiration alone to write a good story. You will have to practice too. Also, you will have to take a break. I have heard about writers who could finish a 40,000 words novel in a day. So my 8000 words novel is not supposed to be a big deal. Well, for me it was, not just because I didn’t write anything in a long time (nine years is rather a very long break). But it gave me time to build stories. And now I am more prepared to churn them out.

Remember, a break could be a day, but imagine how much you will write if you take a month off?

Here is a brief introduction of my book; it is a short story about a man, whose quest was to become a wordsmith. Being a descendant of storytellers, he concluded that in the age of books, that the only way to tell a story was by writing it.

He moved to the City of Porta, a city where dreams are made a reality. But he was mistaking if he had thought the magic of Porta works for everyone. Just before he was sent back to his village, he had a chance to meet one last publisher. While narrating to the publisher his failed attempt to write, he evoked his forgotten memory, and then told strange stories of the gods, and vengeance.

With that story, it became possible he would become a wordsmith after all. But first, he must tell more stories. So it was in an ironic twist that the very tradition he was on a mission to abolish became his one lifeline.

You can get more insight of the story in this post Unfinished Story. It might also interest you to know that the above blog was another strong motivation for my story. I like to start small because you never know, it could get you where you had like to be.

The full story is now available online, The smoke writer: A Tale of Vengeance I hope it inspires your own story.