The Highest Rated Mobile Phone Stores on Amazon

Looking for the best rated mobile phone stores on Amazon? Here is a refined search result that will spare you the research time.

You should be very skeptic when buying items online. Especially when it is a high end commodity you intend to use for a long time, then you want nothing but the best.

My past online shopping experience has been good and bad, and also ugly. That’s why it takes me a week to purchase an item that would usually take 30 minutes. When I buy an item online, I sieve through the web pages for the best possible product.

The products that I share in my blog are mostly items that I plan to purchase, or had already purchased. Therefore sharing some of these products in my blog is one way of keeping note. Usually I spend a lot of time looking for the best seller and the best product, but it’s not a process I want to repeat every time. Basically I follow the same criteria; patronize stores with the best ratings and good customers’ review. In this article “How to shop safely on eBay…“, I shared an online shopping experience that compelled me to pay more attention when buying things online.

This time I will be sharing a refined Amazon phone search page, specifically for mobile phones. So if you are looking for some the best phones on Amazon, click here to visit  refined page with a list of the best rated phone stores. The above refined search page has only about 201 results, and that’s because it is comprised of mostly products that can be shipped abroad. Later on I will add another refined search page for locally and internationally ship-able items.

In the meantime, here are some specific pages that I will buy a phone from because of their feedback and ratings. In fact some of these pages received up to a thousand reviews, it takes time to read but that’s exactly how you find the real deal. Take a look.


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