How your morning routine beautifies your day.

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I recently came across an article by Dr. Jamie Schwandt, a US Army Major, author, statistics professor, TV show host, motivational speaker and etc.

Basically the article is about how a morning routine can transform an entire day, it suggests People who established and follow up on their morning routine tends to be more successful.

Hal Elrod, the author of The morning miracle, became disillusioned

after an accident, a state of mind that persisted until one morning when he decided to go for a run and listen to a podcast. Eventually running and listening to podcast became his morning routine, and creating for him a path to success.

Schwandt’s own routine begins at 3:00 AM in the morning (I wonder what time he goes to bed). From 3:00 Am in the morning, he would busy himself with exercises, reading, writing etc. until 7:00 AM when he is ready for breakfast and work.

Getting up at 3:00 AM sounds crazy to most people including myself. Regardless of what time you often get up; what is your usual state of mind when you do get up? are you always in a hurry? Are you tired and sleepy? Having a rough and unstable morning is the harbinger of a rough and unstable day. Eradicating those harbingers is precisely the reason you need a morning routine.

Even if you are busy during the day, setting aside early morning for your selfish use is likely to not only sharpen your senses, but also to equip you with the positive energy you will need to beautify your entire day.

Author: Enplaze

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