Last Minute Achievers: TIME is no Limitation but a Tool

Long Term Goal
Don’t traumatize about unaccomplished New Year Resolution, Instead see the Year end as an evaluation point, with your long-term goal in perspective.

It’s that TIME of the year when some of us are regretting unattained resolutions and unfulfilled dreams, but why trouble yourself when you know time and seasons are just a cycle of continuous loop? If anything is constant it is your long-term goal, so you don’t have to give up just because another cycle of time is about to end.

Time is not a limitation, but a tool for last minute achievers, all you need to do is to tweak your perspective so that you no longer see time as a deadline but as an evaluation point.

Remember that most of the things we do are geared to advance us towards our bigger and long-term goal.

A college freshman’s main goal is to successfully graduate after four or six years at college, within that four years his curriculum and extra activities are designed to guarantee his advancement towards that long term goal of successful graduation.

Students Long term Goal

Consider an apprentice whose long term goal is to start his own furniture business, he advances every day by diligently carrying out his duties. His target for the first month in the job could be assembling and sorting nails, including arranging drivers. Next his goal advances to assembling chairs, table and then more sophisticated furniture, he advances by learning from his mistakes and moving on towards that bigger goal of one day starting his own business.

So rather than succumb to the trauma of unaccomplished New Year resolution, reconsider the yearend as an evaluation time as opposed to a deadline. Revisit your important long term goal and consider what you are doing right or wrong, that will help you sharpen your focus to enhance the journey ahead.

Don’t be surprised that your greatest achievement could be the time you spent evaluating your long term goal, after all, completing a small task is more inspiring than stagnating on a big one.

Let TIME be your tool, sort of a reminder to re-evaluate and adjust so that your future annual targets and resolutions are geared towards your bigger long term goal.




Author: Enplaze

I am an entrepreneur, a freelance writer and an assistant language instructor. Living is beautiful, the challenges it throws at us makes it even more enjoyable.