How Many Hairs are There on Your Head? Not so Childish Question

Kids silly questions are sometimes a source writing inspiration.

If you are looking for a fictional idea, you might want to talk to a child. Writing inspiration comes from different places, from our experiences and other times from mundane conversations with people. But a lot of times the sparks arises from children’s comment. You would believe you have an awesome imaginative ability, until you talk to a child who imagined one could jump high enough to touch clouds.

Taking a walk with my daughter one evening, she had her eyes up in the sky, and then she asked me where the moon was going to? Seemingly a rhetorical and inconsequential remark, yet in the past, this question had separated from the bodies, heads of those who got it wrong. Thanks to the custodians of the law; who ruthlessly opposed all blasphemous misinterpretation of the Bible book of Psalm 8:3. To avoid dabbling with this ancient question, I cautiously replied that the moon was going shopping. I had to quicken the conversation to an end, with all these talks of teleportation, who knows who is listening? The wacky-walking dude behind us that night could have been a visitors from the 16th century, and I really like my head just where it is.

Between catering and pampering, construing answers to my daughter’s barrage of questions is part of my routine. So I was confident I have heard all the weird questions there is. Until I met a second grade kid whose curiosity lay deep in my hair. Usually I take couple of questions at the end of our session. In general, the questions are within the boundaries of sanity. But it’s not out of place for some kids to deviate from the course. Even then, I didn’t expect a child to ask me how many hairs I had on my head. So just to confirm what I heard, I asked, “Did you mean the number of hairs on my head?” Without the slightest doubt she reaffirmed, “Yes, how many hairs are there on your head?”

how many hairs on the head

At first I thought it was just one of those childish questions every father, or teacher have to dance around with. Conjuring up a loud laughter, and an apologetic grin, I tried to divert her concentration to elicit a different question. After all kids have the most divided attention; my daughter might say she was going to draw an apple, but instead end up with a bird, and still insist she wanted to draw a house. I was confident that by the time I was done laughing and grinning, I would be eliciting a different question.  “What was the question again Miss?” I asked, to which she answered, “How many hairs are there on your head?”

Thereupon I confessed my ignorance, I have no idea how many hairs I have on my head. Seriously, who is concerned about the number of hairs on their head? I doubt you wake up in the morning worrying about that. Of course if you are going bald, then you have every right to keep vigil, praying to the god of fertility.

To avoid similar embarrassment in the future, I pounce on the internet, clawing the web for answers to the puzzle of hairs. Even before the internet, an archive existed, with the details of our head. Don’t believe me? Visit the Bible book of Matthew 10:30. You see, this is the reason I like the Bible; it gives clues and bits of codes, leaving the reader to fill in the gap.

Fortunately, the number of hairs on my head is no longer a mystery. I think it is about 500,000. As oppose to all the suggestion that it is about 110,000. One article calculated the amount of follicles on an inch of the head, then multiply that by the total number of the hair areas of the head. I think most commentators on this subject are getting their figures from Bio-numbers.. According to the database, blond hairs are 150,000, blacks 110,000 and reds 90,000.

For the fact that I lose more than 70 hairs every day, shouldn’t I be hairless by now? Supposedly, our hairs naturally drop off to make ways for new ones, but assuming they were recuperating very fast; shouldn’t our face be covered completely with hairs? Not that anything is wrong with that; at least I don’t expect any one looking at such face to be more concerned about how many they were.

By Enplaze

An entrepreneur, a freelance writer and an assistant language instructor. life is beautiful, the challenges it throws intriguing.