Purpose: Simple Decisions That Brings Abundant Joy.

  • How you can still achieve your New Year Resolution with last-minute changes

  • Every day is a good day when you have a goal

Set goals so that you have many reasons to get up each day. As a living being you need something to drag you towards to the future, a reason to get up every morning. Essentially, purpose is the precursor to success.

Belated New Year Resolution

It’s easier to get to a predetermined destination than to an unknown place.

Imagine you decided to take an unknown route because you want a surprise, your vulnerability to distraction will be high as well, as you will notice every little thing, after all you are looking for something new. But if your intent is finding a clothing shop, you go straight to the shopping district, overall your journey will be precise because your goal is simple.

The same thing goes with a purposeful life. If you determined to become an IT specialist, everything you do, the books you read and the exercises you engage with would tend to lead towards building your IT skills.

Situations and mistakes that consume less focus people will not affect you if your purpose is solid. you look beyond your errors because your destination is what matters. The mistakes of the moment when put into perspective become tools in constructing your tomorrow.

Having a purpose every day is probably the best thing anyone can get. With a grounded purpose you can pull beyond a very bad day, you can reset things so that your New Year Resolution is achieved in December.

Author: Enplaze

I am an entrepreneur, a freelance writer and an assistant language instructor. Living is beautiful, the challenges it throws at us makes it even more enjoyable.