Are We Becoming Some Dope Heads With All These Smart Phones And Tablets.

Smartphont and other digital addiction

Digital Addiction: The scientific fact that our smart phones and electronics is leaving us not much better than crack heads


Does it make any sense that; advancement in mobile devices, and the increase in digital accidents appear to be in tandem? In the US alone, cell phones are credited for over a million accidents. In 2015, up to 100,000 accidents and arrests made in Japan, a connection with smartphones, according to Toyota Newsroom.

Call it Frankenstein, and you could be right, smartphones are not just accelerating mortality rate, it is also bent on taking over our senses. Over the years the debate went on about the effect of smartphone on our intelligence. Critics suggests that by simplifying most of our tasks, the smartphones does make us lazier. Smartphones can not only type our text messages, it can also supply us with word choice (mind reading), and even forces corrections on us when we type the “wrong” word. Does this takeover of our brain functions leave us more stupid?

Scientifically confirmed

Science has now collaborated some of those concerns, smartphones are addictive. According to a recent article from the NY Post; there is no difference between cocaine and our electronic gadgets. They both target the brain’s frontal cortex. It is responsible for our ability to execute tasks, and also for impulse management. Just like cocaine, electronics also have arousing capabilities, and are strong enough to elevate the dopamine level – the exciting neurotransmitter responsible for addiction.

The effect of smart phones, games, and other computers is especially serious on teenagers and kids. For that reason some researchers and doctors have rated them alongside major addictive drugs. One parent was forced to seek help when she walked into her son’s room, and found him in a catatonic stupor; a state of unconsciousness.

Since 2008, internet addiction has been classified as a disease in China. That has given rise to the term “digital heroin,” a descriptive term for the addictive strength of electronics. The government there has gone as far as creating rehabilitation centers, to help addicts reintegrate into normal life.

In a fast pace world, parents intuitively provide their kids with the latest gadget, because that’s supposedly the only way to catch up with society. Unfortunately, things are not always what they seems to be. Most tech developers understands the demon trailing these products, and they do stay away from them. The advice out there is that with an increasing availability of more high tech gadgets, prioritizing your protection, and that of any dependent is a caution worth taking.


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