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Writing a good story is one thing, and getting people to read is another

Writing a good story is one thing, getting people to read it is another. So how do you get people to notice and read your interesting story?

Recently I had an opportunity to sit with Gucci, an Indie writer like myself trying to get his work out. Gucci’s lamentations is that despite his efforts to write good stories, he isn’t able to get people to read it. It is demotivating to write and yet no one wants to read. Approximately a year has passed since Gucci published his work, however only a hand full of persons have read it.

The fact is readers deficiency problem is one all beginners face in their career. My short story The Smoke Writer wouldn’t have crossed anyone’s radar, I know this so I kind of had to go out and force it down peoples’ throat. I had to come up with all kinds of reasons to convince them that reading my story will help them sleep better at night.

Given that my solutions to Gucci’s headache were very limited, I decided to find answers. Now let me share with you my findings, and I hopefully it helps Gucci, myself, and any other demoralized Indie writer looking for a way get readers.

How to get people to read your story.

1. Get on Goodreads.

List your book on appropriate shelves. Go to the book groups that read books like yours, and let those people know it exists.
Start a Facebook page.

Note; there is a difference between a personal page and a business page. Ask people to go there and like your page if they liked the book. When you’ve gotten at least a hundred people from the same country to like your page, you can use those people to build a look-alike audience. If all things are equal, Facebook algorithms will take those hundred people and find other that are statistically similar. Invite those people to visit your page, buy your book, like your page, etc. Refine your audience again when you’re got 200 likes, and then 300, and so on. More data means more accuracy.

2. Special Post.

Make a Facebook post about your book on your page and invite your readers to share it on their pages, especially if they’ve read and reviewed the book. Be active with your readers. Be yourself.

3. Book Reviews.

Find blogs that review books like yours and submit yours for review. Get ‘pull quotes’ from those blog reviews when or if you get them, and put them in the editorial section of your book (do this through your amazon author page). Send review copies to people to review the book on amazon and Goodreads.

Since there are many contents out there for readers to chose from, you can still get your noticed if you’ve written a good book. What you need is to work consistently to promote the work, and you can tap into the magnanimous pool of readers around the world. The trick is knowing how to leverage those first few hundred readers to find more readers, and that is where most authors fail, especially self-published ones, but plenty of traditionally published authors as well.

By Enplaze

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